I’m Monica Riddle.

I am a Visual Communication Designer with a passion for the nonprofit world. I have a strong passion for helping others and traveling the world. I am 23 years old living in the midwest state of Indiana where we have plenty of corn and some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.

Four years ago, I met the man I now call my husband. He is full of life–always being silly and constantly making me laugh! To say life with him is never dull is an understatement. This picture couldn’t describe us any better!



We said our vows on August 11, 2012 and now live happily ever after 😉


As an individual I am a Christian, traveler, designer, believer, creator, maker, explorer, adventurer. I am loyal, patient, empathetic, generous, brave, authentic, passionate, perfectionist, planner, listener, someone introvert. I am a country girl with a city love. I am a wife, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law and sister-in-law.

As a designer I am detail-oriented, organized, a collaborator, listener, creative, perfectionist, reliable, researcher, ambitious, determined, curious, divergent, and willing to learn.

As a traveler I believe it will open your mind and open your eyes to all of the beauty in this world that God created. It will expand your horizons and give you insights into other cultures and ways of living.


Aim for Audacity simply means

au•da•cious |adjective| showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks

Be Bold

Take Risk

Be Great

Go Above and Beyond

Be Magnanimous

Go Beyond Easy and Comfortable


I strive to live life being AUDACIOUS in everything I do.


I see this world as a large canvas that each of us can leave our mark on. I believe I am here on this earth to serve  a purpose. In the bigger picture, I believe that purpose is to serve God and follow His plan for my life. I know His plan for me entails helping others, but I am still undetermined on the specifics of this plan and what it has in store for my life. I will not spend my life trying to get ahead financially because I do not need materialism. I am much more fulfilled by helping those in need. I am willing to live and go where I am needed to help other people. I realize, in the grand scheme of life, it isn’t about me. I am just one piece in the larger puzzle.

I am committed to living my life as a believer and follower of God. I have an unending compassion for others and a sense of togetherness. I pride myself on being open-minded and creative. God has given me a grand sense of intuition and understanding of others that I can leverage in every area of my life.

According to StrengthsFinder 2.0, my five biggest strengths are Developer, Empathy, Belief, Connectedness, and Intellection. As a developer, I strive to recognize and cultivate the potential in others. Empathy allows me to put myself in others’ shoes and understand their feelings. Belief represents the core values I have that are unchanging. I have a defined purpose for my life. Because of connected- ness, I can realize there is a bigger picture in life and understand all things happen for a reason and all things are related. Intellection means I am introspective most of the time.

Personal Priorities I want to direct my personal energy, time, and resources into being an example of Christ, spreading the word of God, and doing work that satisfies him. I want to live my life with what I’ve been called to do, which I’ve yet to determine. I value family and relationships and will strive to always be the best relative or friend I can be to others. I strive to be an upstanding and healthy individual, doing my part in society. I am compassionate towards others, giving them a sense of belonging and welcoming. I will use my creativity to benefit those who need it.

Professional Priorities I want to go to work everyday and help others. I do not want a job that doesn’t impact others’ quality of life. I want to do meaningful work so when I look back on my life, I know I made a difference with the time I had on earth. I want to work at an organization that values helping others in need. I want to be an example of Christ for those I work with. I want to be an upstanding co-worker, striving to make the right choices at all costs. As a designer, I will design for good. I will strive to use design for the benefit of others. I want to use my creativity and understanding of design to impact the lives of the under- served. By developing new and innovative designs, perhaps the lives of those in need will be better.


I do freelance design on the side and would love to work with you.

If interested, please email mriddledesign@gmail.com.

Or you can visit my website at: http://monica-riddle.squarespace.com


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